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[PHOTO] Super Junior Heechul instagram update - With Jonghyun 130905 :

With the bright SHINee Kim Jonghyun. He’ll captivate all women’s hearts with that cheekiness and mocking-like expression at Kim Jonghyun’s stage. Always keep strong CBL Jonghyun*^-^

*That april fool joke Jonghyun did that he said he was CNBLUE’s Jonghyunㅋㅋ

Credit: Kimheenim

Translation credit: heeculfacts

[FANACCS] ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ Musical - Key’s 1st Stage 130905 (First Half)

[B&C] the show literally started with bonnie and clyde already dead in a car

[B&C] bonnie and clyde kissed 8 times in the first half of the show. a couple of them were really heated makeout sessions..
[B&C] bonnie and clyde kissed within the first ten minutes of the show. bonnie was in her underwear within the first fifteen.
[B&C] clyde slapped bonnie, and then bonnie slapped him back!! (the audience laughed even though it was an intense scene..ㅋㅋ)
[B&C] in jail, clyde got his ass grabbed by another inmate. a lot. so clyde punched him but the gang took him down. clyde got hurt bad.
[B&C] when clyde got beat up in jail, he had blood all over his mouth, he was spitting it out and sang a whole song with bloody teeth

Credit: kimkeyy

- The set is pretty amazing. It looks really similar to the American Bonnie and Clyde stage from memory. Its probably exactly the same
- Omgosh Key spends half his time either handcuffed or kissing the crap out of Bonnie!!!!
- A bald guy in prison squeezes Keys butt and then they beat the crap out of him when he pushes him off. Fake blood coming out of Keys mouthㅠㅠ
- I lost count how many times Key kisses Lisa after about 8 or 9.
Keys voice is so unique and amazing. Hes not the best singer in the cast but his voice is so steady and strong. Prize for being different.
His costume is gorgeous. Button up shirt tucked into high waisted pants and suspenders with this beautiful little bowl hat on BLACK HAIR
He’s wearing a white suit at the end of intermission!!!!! Looks gorgeous with the black hair.
- Best bit is his acting! Hes so cocky and comfortable. Him and Lisa work together really well. So comfortable touching each other.
- Key spends a lot of time gazing at Lisa like a love-lorn idiot. Its so fucking cute!!!!
- Key tries to steal Bonnies car and nearly craps himself when she pulls a riffle on him. Hes all like: IM HIT. Gun wasnt even loaded.
- The prison officer was also getting a little handsy with Key. Stroking his hair a little and running his baton across Keys chest o.O
- Bonnie starts wrestling Key out of his suspenders when theyre making out and it took them a few goes to get them off attached at the lips
- Then Key frantically tried to shove his shirt back in his pants when Bonnies mom shows up.
- Then Key and Lisa started making out on the floor ㅠ.ㅠ As if the poor Noonas in the front row hadnt taken enough stabs to the chest.
- Keys hair was a mess when he was sitting in prison ㅋㅋ. The prison officer kept shoving him around. Surprised he was able to resist fixing it

Credit: locketmin0923

- His singing skills improved a lot since Catch Me If You Can !

Credit: OnlyTwenty3

- It is definitely a very oppressive musical… it’s not about the kiss scenes. Is about the casts beating up people or being beaten up. In the Jail Scene, when the man took a wooden pole to hit him till he’s dead, it made me felt very uncomfortable… but KEY is so MANLY, he acted so well, a little naughty punk~ for the kiss scene, you will be used to it after a few times…I can’t really count how many are there, there are lots of heated kisses …not to say the 2nd half…
- When he was being beaten up till bleeding in the jail… it was not clean properly and he really look like a vampire… to recall about it made my heart beating fast again = = Escaping from Jail, and commit crimes repeatedly… the opening scene was when he was killed in a gun fight…i really hate the gun shots sound… so scary.

Credit: human-lock
English Translations: Forever_SHINee[4]

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